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2023 Sale Page

All babies will be registerable through ADGA and some also will be able to be double registered with AGS as well. 
Doelings  $450       Bucklings $400       Wethers $300   
All will be up to date on vaccinations, disbudding/banding (if preferred) at my expense. We have a clean, closed herd. Kids are given Coccidia prevention and are handled and played with daily. These are FRIENDLY babies that you won't have to tame when you get home! I reserve the right to refuse sales to buyers as I see fit. My animals and their wellbeing are my first priority.  CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE INFO ON EACH BABY.
 BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ALL OF THE BABIES.  If there is a DEPOSIT RECEIVED icon, that baby is reserved and no longer available.
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