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Get to Know

Our Little Herd

Our Does


We started our breeding program with just two does. The adorable sister duo, Lucy and Lily.. Lucy is the farm boss and the best mama to not only her babies, but any other babies that need some love. Both are naturally polled and organically spoiled.

Next came Lacy and Luna. These are our Old Mountain Farm sisters and they consistently throw lovely kids with incredible milk lines. If you want color AND superior milk lines, look no further.

Libby came to us last season and had quads as a first freshener. She is naturally polled and has the most adorable personality. She was a dog in her prior lifetime. She loves bananas.

Last, is Bonnie and Belle. This dynamic duo are personality PLUS and loads of fun. Both threw beautiful kids as first fresheners and this year is no exception. Take a peek at their fancy kids!

Our Herd Sire


Finn is our herd sire. He is of Old Mountain milk lines and is stocky and compact... perfect to pair with smaller Nigerian does. He's easy going and easy to handle. This is his first year having kids on the ground and he did not disappoint! His kids are built just like him.... some with blue eyes, some are polled like their mamas. His temperament is outstanding. Very playful and he has good barn manners as well. Great qualities to pass on to his offspring!





"The Other One"

Wyatt is the farm clown. Guncle Wyatt" is the guy we can put in with the babies to keep them company or in with a new arrival who isn't quite fitting in yet. He's everyone's friend and a joy to have on the farm. Favorite hobby: FOOD

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